Thursday, November 15, 2007

Quilts for the three boys

I mentioned that I was having some old friends over for lunch. It was meant to be this coming Monday but I've postponed by a week since one of the girls can't make it (but unfortunately another one can't make it the following week) and mainly because the new oven hasn't been installed yet (but at least we have it now).

Well, I've actually managed to start on some small quilts for the three baby boys (even though one won't be coming now). They'll be blue-green-white cot/lap size quilts, all three basically the same but I'll try and vary the layout of the blocks. Hoping to personalise them somewhat as well, depending on how I go for time. Not sure how to go about labelling them - I'd hoped to have some small alphabet stamps and fabric ink pads by now! (I've been looking for them - does anyone know of anywhere in Sydney that has such things?)

In the past few days I've managed to cut out all the pieces (not including the borders - always do that afterwards to get accurate sizing) and sew some of them together. I love chain piecing - looks like lovely bunting!

Anyway, here's a pic of my new sewing workspace - not incredibly large or very tidy, but that's me to a tee. Sorry about the poor quality photo... it's terribly late and I should be in bed. Dan's off at a conference today and tomorrow so I've been doing the drop offs and pick ups. So much driving. Ack!

(That big white thing on the right is my sewing machine with its cover on, for those that may have been wondering!)


Hollabee said...

Not sure about shops in Sydney that sell stamps but Leslie from goodness (on etsy) is going the list them on the 30th of November.

They look great...might get some for myself..together with Lotta fabric :)

Jen said...

Cool. I'll have a look. Thanks for the tip!

It doesn't really help my pledge not to buy any more sewing stuff, does it? Although now that I think of it, I said I wouldn't buy any more fabric, didn't I?