Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Developing fast

These kids are getting smarter every time I blink. I'm constantly amazed by what they are capable of.

Tonight when Atti got home from child care, he was hungry. He saw the box of Weetbix on the bench, grabbed himself a bowl and a spoon, carried them all over to the table, sat down and requested help. So I obligingly got out the milk, opened the box and gave him one biscuit. He happily sat down and started eating.

In the meantime, our new oven arrived so I went out the front to thank my father's friend (who ordered it for us and delivered it). When I came back to the kitchen, there was Atti, gobbling down his second Weetbix biscuit with milk splashed all over the table. He'd opened the box, got out another one, unscrewed the lid of the milk and poured it into his bowl. All by himself. With hardly any mess (there wasn't much milk left in the bottle).

I am completely blown away by his display of initiative and independence. And so proud! He can be such a delight! (He can also be a little rascal at times.)

And Elora. As Captain Feathersword would say, "Well, blow me down!". She said "cat" this morning. I'm certain of it. We were finishing breakfast and she was looking at our moggy sleeping in the morning sun.

"That's the cat," I said. "Cat."
"Ca-" she repeated.
"Cat!" I said again.

I quickly grabbed her and ran next door, astonishment on my face. On the door mat was one of the other cats.

"Look, Elora. There's Grey. Cat. Cat."
"Ca-" she said again.

Unbelievable. Can you believe it? I certainly cannot. She hasn't done it again... yet. Could it be an insane coincidence? Probably. But still, it's pretty amazing.

Oh, and she's still trying hard to get that walking happening. And the gap in her teeth has filled. She's got four up top and two down bottom now.

Time is whizzing past. They are developing so quickly. I'm even more reluctant to return to work when I think of all these little moments and milestones that I'm going to miss. I just don't know what to do about it.

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