Thursday, November 08, 2007

Friends for lunch

Well, I've committed myself now! I've invited some of my school friends over for lunch in a week and a half. We get together every so often, usually out to a restaurant for dinner. But in the first five months of this year four babies were born so our get-togethers are now daytime ones while we're on maternity leave (and the other two gals work part-time).

So now I need to work out what I'm going to feed them - I'm sure they won't be fussy but I feel like I need to make something nice! Plus the house has really gotten out of hand these last few months and is going to need a really good going over. A good excuse to clean up, I guess!

Except instead of getting to it, all I can think about is what cute crafty thing I can make for the babies. There are three boys, Evan (born Jan), Max (beg. March) and Christian (May), and Liam just turned four! Don't forget to add Atti to the mix. Poor Elora is going to be completely out-numbered, but I guess will get her pick when they get older :)

Hmm.. don't want to be too ambitious, but want to hand-make something delightful. Shrug. We'll see. Thinking of some small simple quilts. Nothing fancy. In blues and greens. And a book bag for Liam with his name appliqued onto it? What do you think?

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