Thursday, November 22, 2007

Alphabet stamps, found at last!

How about that. I found the alphabet stamps that I was looking for! Well, they're not exactly what I was thinking of - waiting for Nov. 30 when Leslie from good-ness will update her shop. Hopefully I can also get those lovely Japanese ones.

However, these were AUD$2.99 from the scrapbooking section of our local Kmart and just the right size. How could I not get them? They will do the trick for these boys' quilts. I don't have a fabric stamp pad but I've discovered that painting them carefully with a brush doesn't do too bad a job.



Anonymous said...

well... i could say the same thing! "alphabet stamps, found at last!" .

i have been a long time reader of blogs and was creative in a past life. i have started my blog this year in hope of getting back into it. i love stamps, though i don't know why, i do love typography and guess it is the instant gratification.


Anonymous said...

just another note, i used the google translator and could understand a little more of what i was looking at. go here and you can link to it all.