Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Collecting water

So more on the weather.

Raining again today. And supposedly for the rest of the week.

Did I mention that we got a water tank two weeks ago? Actually my father purchased it (two - one for our yard and one for his). 2,250L tank. It's pretty darn big but actually frees more space in the yard because there used to be collections of buckets at that spot. My father's improvised and inefficient version of a water tank.

So, anyway, it arrived on the Tuesday. On the Thursday night we had a moderate amount of rain and were completely astonished on Friday morning to discover that the new tank (in our yard) was not only full, but overflowing. In one night! It's terrific! My father spent the next few days emptying it as much as possible "so that the water doesn't get wasted when it rains again". And we've finally had a drainer come in to properly set up the gutters and stuff (so now my parents' tank is getting water into it, but it's still not full), so instead of flooding the immediate area, the overflow outlet pipes to the drain. That's a relief.

Here's a nifty fact - the drainer/gutter guy told me it. If every household in Sydney were to get a 2,000L water tank, the storage capacity would be roughly equivalent to the Lake Burrajong (Warragamba Dam), Sydney's main water source. A bit ridiculous to build a desalination plant, don't you think?

Well, I'm falling asleep while I type. Day six of this post-daily-challenge and I'm well and truly running out of ideas for posts. Not doing it when I'm half asleep would probably be a good idea. Apologies for typos and incomprehensibility. Zzzz.

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The High Priestess said...

The collection of buckets sounds terribly familar. We now have the water tanks, but it looks like they're there to *supplement* the buckets, not replace them!