Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Weird hair

Something weird has happened to my hair... I look like the character Lovelace from the film "Happy Feet":

Sort of.

It's because of something that happens during pregnancy. My hairdresser told me about it. Your body is so busy growing a baby that it doesn't have time to kill off hair follicles, so your hair gets really thick because hardly any is falling out. Then, about three or four months after you give birth (or thereabouts), all that excess hair falls out. Almost in clumps! It's quite incredible the amount of hair that came out of my head. Keep in mind that my hair is waist length! And thick anyway!

Now, almost nine months after having Elora, all that hair that fell out is growing back, so I have fuzz that is now about 2" long on my head. And around my temples it sticks straight out from the scalp. The curse of Asian hair. So I look like Lovelace.

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red_swirl said...

Yup, me too, same weird hair thingy, except my new hair is slightly curly ... doesn't make it look any better tho' ;)