Thursday, June 28, 2007

I live for Thursdays

On Monday, Tuesday and Fridays I have Atticus at home with me. He goes to child care on Wednesday and Thursday each week but I have to pick up Dante from school at 3pm on Wednesdays for soccer practice.

But Thursdays... Thursdays are MY day. Well, I still have Elora to look after but she's just one kid - a breeze! Each week when I think of things to do I say to myself, "I'll do it on Thursday". When I want to arrange to meet people or go somewhere, Thursday's the best day. I have so many plans and Wednesday evenings are wonderful when I realise that the next day is Thursday. It's a bit sad that this what my life has come to...

Today, however, I was cranky. I shouldn't have been, but I couldn't help it. Dante kept complaining ALL morning that he had a sore stomach - didn't even eat his breakfast. So I decided to let him stay at home. Oh, how annoyed I was that he was going to ruin my day! I hope I wasn't too mean to him. No Playstation or other computer/console games. No TV. No junk food. Just staying in bed all day (reading allowed). I mean, he was sick! I didn't want him getting the idea that he can fake illness in order to spend a fun day at home. The day had to be as boring as possible.

I think I succeeded in giving him a boring day. I finally relented on the TV side of things at lunch time and gave in to the Playstation after 3pm (I mean, school would be finished by then in any case).

Anyway, he didn't complain about being sick the next morning so things must have been okay!

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