Monday, June 11, 2007

Getting out of the house

It was the Queen's birthday holiday today. Yay! A long weekend! That means Dan and Dante were home on an Atti-day.

We really needed to get out of the house. We've been cooped up inside all weekend, although Dan did take the kids out for a walk yesterday when the weather fined up to see the "mighty river" (the storm water canals near our house) and the fallen tree in our park. We had our niece, Jasmine, over for a sleepover on Saturday night (to give her parents a bit of a break, since they have a five-day-old little girl at home)!

So we took the kids to go and see Shrek the Third this morning and hung around the shopping centre for the afternoon. The movie was quite enjoyable. The kids were transfixed. Even Elora was fascinated by the lights and sounds. Grandma met up with us afterwards and we had lunch and window-shopped a little bit... I love looking in the kids clothing shops, especially now that I'm can buy girls' clothes. But I find that I am able to refrain from spending since I have loads of pink now.

Anyway, poor Atti didn't get to have a nap AT ALL today. And he did amazingly well, considering. We had a tiny bit of trouble wrestling the Shrek doll away from him in the department store but when I pointed out that it was broken (some of the stitching was coming undone - dodgy workmanship) he begrudgingly gave it up.

The upside of the long day with no nap was that we were able to get the kids (well, the two boys anyway) down to bed much earlier than usual and had the evening to ourselves. Woohoo!

But I should have used the chance to go to bed early and catch up on some sleep... yawn. Oh well!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cuz,
Good to see the kids are keeping you on your toes! Wow 4 little ones! Congrats on Elora. We have to catch up one day in Sydney or in Canberra.
You're welcome to stay with us anytime. Lots of Love Cecelia, Mick & Seth xox