Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Eat, eat, eat!

My folks took me to a smorgasbord/buffet lunch at an RSL club nearby today. My father was sooo excited about it. I mean, as much food as you can cram into your belly! For just one price! Two dollars off for seniors!

Admittedly, the food was pretty good for this sort of thing. I wasn't expecting top restaurant quality stuff by all means but it had a good Chinese barbecue section run by Chinese chefs as well as the usual deep-fried, pasta, soup and salad sections.

Papa was so happy to be there! He kept talking about who would get their money's worth if he brought them. "Your brother, Tim, would lurve it. And Ben [my nephew] would definitely do well..." When Dan happened to call, my father had to grab the phone to tell him all about it. He can't wait to bring him and the boys one day so they can eat more than their fill. Hehe. (Interestingly, the rate for children under 12 is scaled: $0.80c x age (years). So Atti would cost $1.60 and Dante would be $4.80.)

Anyway, we ate until we had loosen our belts and our stomaches hurt. We were the last patrons to leave (but we did have Elora to slow us down).

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