Monday, June 18, 2007

Today's excitement

We were eating lunch when we heard a very loud noise - a helicopter was overhead. We could hear sirens as well, so assumed that there was a police chase or something happening. The noise of the helicopter stopped pretty quickly so my mother went out to investigate, and came running back to tell us that it had landed in the park and all the neighbours were out to sticky-beak at it.

We quickly grabbed the camera and hurried Atticus out the door to show it to him. It was a CareFlight chopper. At first we thought that maybe it had had to do an emergency landing, but it turned out that it needed to pick up a doctor to take somewhere urgently. A police car pulled up soon afterwards and out hopped two guys with big backpacks who quickly got into the helicopter.

The pilot asked us to move away and they prepared to take off. Atticus was so excited. Mind you, so was my mother and I! We sat there in the cold, waiting and waiting. Atti and Mama chatted about it flying up, up and away. Then, the propellors started moving, faster and faster. It got windier and windier where we were sitting. Eventually, the noise of the engines picked up and away it went. It hovered directly above us briefly and we felt like we were going to be blown away!

As it flew away, Atti called out "Bye-bye helicopter!" and when we got home we called Dan so that Atti could tell him all about it...

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