Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What lots of people need to learn

Yes, things have been busy here as usual. We had a get-together here on Saturday for our friends' annual Xmas shindig. 'Twas most civilised and delightful. I do enjoy hosting these things! Sunday, my niece Abigail turned 3 and had a kids' party at her other grandparents' place. Jumping castle, tonnes of toys, chocolate crackles, cocktail frankfurts. Atti had a brilliant time!

I've been busy trying to finish the presents for Atti's carers at child care. Almost half way there. The Xmas party is tomorrow afternoon so I'd better get cracking...

But the main thing I wanted to write about today is this post from Breed 'Em And Weep which is delightful and insightful. I wish everyone in the world would learn the lesson that her two girls did. Things would be a lot calmer if they did. I will definitely try to explain religion to Dante this way, although he does have a vague understanding of these things. It's just so nicely written. Read it!

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Mark your bro said...

Dear Jen, I agree. so many stupid wars about what's written in certain texts or scrolls. Murdering each other over the small print. Fact is, all these are written by people, inspired, perhaps by GOd (s) , but full of flaws and mistranslations etc.

The general principles are right, but it is amazing how they slaughter each other over what really amounts to as the small print.