Saturday, February 17, 2007

CNY Eve and two birthdays

Today's my mother's birthday. I am the worst daughter ever. Because I forgot to wish her "Happy Birthday" until about 4pm, even though I spent practically all morning and the rest of the day with her.

The reason I forgot, though, is because it is Chinese New Year's Eve today and we had a big family gathering/late lunch (well, just the immediate family but that's over twenty people) and I was helping my folks prepare, as well as trying to cook a spanish omelette for the first time ever (it was okay - fell apart a bit... not as good as my mother's).

The food was abundant... so were the flies. The kids had a great time running around the backyard doing whatever it is that kids do. The two big boys (Ben, 13, and Dante, almost 6) went a little crazy with water pistols, but it was hot. The game had to be stopped when I got squirted while bringing in the washing... party pooper me! We had a tonne of cakes and other desserts - it's my brother Tim's birthday on Monday, too. A busy time of year for us all.

Afterwards my brother set up the PS2 that he'd borrowed for Ben's 13th birthday party last week and spent the rest of the afternoon playing "Singstar" - I wasn't too keen, much preferring Guitar Hero, until we discovered the "80's" version... I sang a couple of songs with my hubby before we put the desperately tired kids to bed.

The other great thing that brother (Mark) did was take this photo of the three pregnant ladies - all going to have "golden" pigs (unless I give birth in the next two hours... unlikely!). I'm due in 13 days, the next is due on the 9th April and the next in early June.

Neat pic, huh?

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