Sunday, February 25, 2007

Atticus likes Elora!

The title of this post expresses my surprise about this.

When we had Atticus, Dante was not quite four years old. He acknowledged Atticus' presence but didn't really express much in the way of interest towards his little brother. Now he is almost six and much more accepting of a little sister, but only shows interest when other people are admiring her.

When we were still in hospital, Atticus did pretty much the same thing except he did exclaim "baby!" whenever she was pointed out to him. I wasn't worried about this since the environment was new and much more interesting to him - plus he only came to see us after a day of child care so was pretty tired. I was more worried about how he would react to Elora when we came home and he realised that she was ours to keep.

Well, I'm very pleased to say that he has been really quite amazing with her. He is happy to see her and wants to look into her bassinette whenever he can. This morning after breakfast I asked if he wanted to see the baby and he was really keen! We quietly went over and peeped at her.

"Shh..." he said. "Baby sleeping in bed." And put his finger to his lips.
"That's your mei-mei", I told him. He repeated me.
"Erora. Baby. Mei-mei."

Aww! So cute!

The other thing that has struck me since coming home is how HUGE Atticus is now! He's soooo heavy. His head is soooo big! His nappies are soooo large! It feels like he has doubled in size and grown up so much in the last week! Uncanny!