Thursday, March 01, 2007

Guitar heroics

What a day we had yesterday!

Dan has taken some time off since Elora's birth to help me out at home and all that. It's really nice having him around. Yesterday morning while he was dropping the kids off at school/child care I did four loads of washing and last night's dishes. (I'd actually washed two loads the night before but hung them out yesterday). The weather was beautiful and sunny, although showers were forecast... but it was supposed to rain the day before and ended up being gorgeous and dry all day. Plus I had a bunch of nappies which really needed washing! Four big loads over two clothes lines!

Then we went out to the shops. Had lunch. Dropped some paperwork off at the accountant. Looked into prices of a Playstation 2. Bought some clothes for the kids because the local Myer is closing down and stuff was 50% off already reduced prices.

Bought a PS2! I'm so spoilt! And we bought Guitar Hero II with a guitar controller. Yay! We searched around and the guy at the shop was really nice and matched all the different prices we found. It added up pretty quickly, though. That credit card ran hot yesterday!

Anyway, we came out of the shopping centre to discover, to my dismay, that it had rained. Not only had it rained but it STORMED. Seriously. Thunder, lightning, flash floods in the outer suburbs! Cars were dragged away in the floods! Wow!

Of course we missed it all because we were in the contained environment of a big shopping centre. And then I remembered the washing. :( We rushed home to check out the damage. The clothes were dripping wet! Wetter than when they came out of the machine. All that work in the morning for nothing!

So now the baby's room (which she hasn't moved into, yet) has turned into a "drying" room. I borrowed all Mama's drying racks and the room is full of them (and our own).

And then I spent the rest of the evening and a chunk of today playing Guitar Hero to ease my spirits... because of course it was warm and sunny again today with not a drop of rain.

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