Friday, March 23, 2007

Curse the weather man!

I'm not having much luck with the weather lately... "Showers" were forecast earlier this week so I put off doing the washing, and of course it has been beautifully warm and sunny every day! At least they were right when they said today was going to be "Fine", and I finally got the nappies washed.

But, curse you Tim Bailey (the channel ten news weather man)! On Tuesday we had a man come around to measure and quote for a marquee for our big party on Sunday. With chairs, delivery and installation it was going to cost almost $500 to hire! Ack! The forecast at the time was for it to be fine, and showers all week leading up to the day, so we decided to risk it and not get the big marquee. As I've already pointed out, he was SO wrong about the showers, and now, alas, alak, the only day that showers are forecast for is, you guessed it, Sunday! Wah!

I'm so very annoyed. We were expecting about 100 people and were planning on having the event in the backyard. Now, thankfully, the numbers are more like 70 but we're still going to have to fit them in the patio since we don't have the space inside. Thankfully my friend Stephen lent us his marquee which will hopefully suffice!

I'm very upset by it all. I keep checking the forecast in the vain hope that something miraculous will happen and it will be fine. Perhaps they'll be wrong again, but knowing my luck it will be a cold, wet Mun Yit for Elora.

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Shanathalas said...

We'll be thinking positive thoughts for the day. Hopefully the rain will stay away.