Sunday, March 04, 2007

Newborns are like puppets

I jinxed myself with that last post - last night I was up for three hours again (from 1am to 4am) and here I am, wide awake again tonight (it's 2:45am)... although I have just managed to get Elora to go to sleep.

And yet, even though I'm tired and have sore neck muscles, I'm so ridiculously happy! I love to just stop and gaze at my little girl - she's so cute with her crop of thick black hair and small nose and perfect little lips. She has long fingers and toes and her feet are long. Her legs are so skinny! And when she moves, I swear she looks like she could be an animatronic puppet - the movements are so slow and slight.

The boys are being ever so delightful, too. Specifically, Atti's response to "baby Elora". He keeps trying to feed her bits of whatever he's snacking on (yesterday it was biscuits and apple) and puts Duplo blocks inside her bassinette for her to play with, I presume. The other day he gave her his "Dawg" for a brief time. When I explained that she only drinks milk, he then tried giving her his own cup! When she cries he gets concerned and wants to see what's going on (he'll climb onto the couch to see into the bassinette). He's just gorgeous! I know I've mentioned this before, but I can't help being surprised and pleased.

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wulf said...


Glad to hear your happy with your animatronic baby ;)

If your ever up that late on a school night, Shan and I are both available through google talk since we're at opposite ends of the world. Even if you would be pwabima :)