Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Atti's MRI

It's been a long day for us. Atticus had his MRI today under a general anaesthesia.

We had to be at the hospital by 7:15am (we were only 15 minutes late). Thankfully Mama was able to get Dante ready for school and drop him off at a more reasonable hour!

Poor Atti had to fast from 3:30am (so basically nothing since dinner the night before). He managed okay - the ambulatory care ward was full of distractions - until he saw the "food bag" that I'd brought... then he started wailing for sultanas until Dan was able to distract him once again. We didn't actually go down to the scan until almost 10:30am. I didn't get to go in to the room since I had Elora with me - Dan helped hold him down while they put him under.

We waited for about an hour before they brought him back. I was worried about how he'd react to coming out of the anaesthesia but he was terrific! Dawg was waiting for him, and he was given an ice block right away. What a champion! He recovered really well, although he was ravenously hungry (for some reason!!).

Now Dan and I are both utterly exhausted (especially me since I've been awake since 4:30am without my usual mid-morning nap). Hopefully everything will be fine - they didn't seem to indicate that there was anything to take note of, but our paediatrician will let us know if there's anything wrong.

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