Thursday, March 15, 2007

What colour are Elora's eyes?

Dan and I are having real trouble trying to work out the colour of our daughter's eyes.

When they were born, both boys had really dark blue-purple coloured eyes which lightened to the most amazing green-hazel coloured ones, somewhat like their fathers (but with a hint of my brown ones).

Elora's eyes were dark, dark, dark when she was born. We thought that she had brown eyes, going with the overall Asian look that she has - thick black hair, big Mongolian spot... It seems that the "Asian-ness" has increased with each subsequent child (Dante was a baldy until 18 months and had no mongolian spot, Atticus had a bit more hair and a small spot).

But now every time I look at Elora's eyes, they seem to be different. Last night Dan was sure that they were brown. This morning I'm sure that they are bluey-grey.

What do you think?


wulf said...

Dark, dark, dark green. I can't think of the particular name for that green, but it looks green to me. With a slight dash of grey.

She looks beautiful *wave*

Denise said...

Elora is Gorgeous! Jo didnt tell me you had your #3 already! Well done! Congrats!!! As for the eye color.. umm.. dark brown with a tinge of green??