Sunday, March 18, 2007

Was five, now six

It's Dante's birthday today. We successfully managed to avoid having a party for him this year. Dan offered him the choice of that or a day at Luna Park with one friend. He chose the latter. Yesterday Dan and his sister fulfilled the promise and a fun day was had by all, with only one injury (a black eye/bruised cheek) suffered by D's friend, Ewan.

Last night we had his cousin (that's her in the picture above) come for a sleep-over and then we had an informal roast lunch with her and the happy grandparents to celebrate his actual birthday.

As usual I made a sterling effort with the cake... Grandma brought "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" candles but all the Hs and Ys had broken so we ended up just using his initials. He didn't seem to mind - especially after eating a HUGE piece of chocolate cake!

We bought him a Playstation game "Buzz Junior - Jungle Party" that came with these neat buzzer controllers... and played that for most of the day. Poor Dante got a little bored by the end but we had to pry Alexandra away from it when her mother arrived to come and get her! A pretty fun game - great for kids. I recommend it!

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