Saturday, December 10, 2005

Lots of thinking

I've been reading and reading the archives of Karen's blog this evening. She's such a pleasure to read. She has a very positive outlook on life, even through some very difficult times, and has a really nice way of expressing herself. I wonder just how huge her readership is - she's been winning some awards and getting a lot of publicity, so it must be pretty big. I found out about her through the SMH and I'll certainly pass her url on to people who I think will be interested.

It must feel weird to know that there are so many people out there who read about your life, look at pictures of you and your kids. That's one of the most endearing things about her site, though. She's quite candid and forthcoming about things. Makes me want to me more creative, too. That must be a nice thing - inspiring people to think and create. I know that's what she's done to me in these last couple of days. I mean, I'm awake in bed with my computer on my lap, typing these words, when I really should be sleeping so that I'll have the energy for my boys tomorrow.

I wish Atti would sleep through the night. It's getting to be a bit dull, waking up so often.

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