Thursday, December 15, 2005

That time of year

Ah, the silly season has arrived. Wow, we are so busy at the moment. Every weekend this month we have had something on, both days. It's crazy! Yesterday was the work Christmas party. Man, we put on a good party. Lots of good food and nice booze. I had a good time. Even had a couple of drinks (over the course of the afternoon).

Dan and I are trying to get our present buying done a little earlier this year. We're sick of leaving it to two days before Christmas - things aren't on special by then. A good trick we've done in the past is to go into a big bookstore (Dymocks, usually) with a list of people and just get all the presents in one go. One can never have enough books, in my opinion. (That reminds me to start sorting out our Library.) In fact I'm having a wonderfully quiet evening tonight because Dan has taken Dante to Auntie Bec's place for the evening while he goes out late-night shopping (not that late, though - the shops still close at 9pm. I think that will change next week). Atticus, the little angel, is in bed and so I get to spend some quality time with the lounge-room computer!

I also decided that the dots in the background were making the text hard to read, so I've changed the blog template. Much better! Also added a link to my home page. I haven't completed updating it (is that ever possible?) but at least it's up and working again. It didn't get transferred when the servers at work were replaced while I was on maternity leave. But I've finally managed now, so all is well.

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