Monday, August 18, 2008

Old school


I went to a primary school reunion on Saturday evening. Organised partly through Facebook (and lots of phone calls on the part of the organisers). I was fairly excited about it, leading up to it. My school friend said that she'd been in contact with nearly everyone so I was expecting a great turnout.

In the end there were only 7 of us, including the sole male representative. It was a little disappointing that the others didn't make the effort to turn up. Perhaps they were too nervous to show up, but really, it's just primary school. You'd expect everyone to have changed completely (and yet not!). Nothing to be worried about, in my opinion. (High school, now that's a totally different picture.)

Well, we had a fun night anyway. It was wonderful to see those who came and we had a great time chatting about old times, as well as chatting about recent times! We all had kids - I won the night with three. We talked about the last reunion 14 years ago (which had a much better turn out and went to the wee hours of the morning... we were younger, carefree and knew how to party back then!) We ate, we drank wine, we took photos.

The night put me in a bit of a funny mood for the rest of the weekend - reminiscing about old times, especially my crazy Uni days. Perhaps fodder for another post one day.

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