Monday, August 04, 2008

Weekend of horrors

Okay, well it wasn't as bad as it sounds...

Saturday, Atti had another convulsion. It's been months since he last had one - he's been off his meds since Christmas. He was having lunch out in the backyard when Dan saw him lying on the ground, out of it with foam around his mouth. A bit scary for us all but especially Dan. I was taking Dante to his Extension classes at the time. My father and Dan put him to bed and he seemed okay when he woke up.

Then on Sunday we took my mother-in-law to yum cha for lunch. All was going well until the end when we were getting ready to go. Elora, the little climbing monkey, was standing on her booster seat when she took a tumble and fell backwards flat onto her back. She had a big cry while I cuddled her and then promptly vomited down my back and on the restaurant floor. I felt sorry for the other customers!

Blargh. So that's the horror of the weekend. Now I'm waiting to hear from the paediatrician about Atticus.

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