Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yo Gabba Gabba

We've recently discovered an excellent kids program called Yo Gabba Gabba. A hip-hop modern music show for kids. It's so much fun!

The songs/chants are completely entrancing and get stuck in your head all day. The dances are silly and fun. And the kids love it, of course. It's a hugely welcome break from Hi-5!

Here's an excerpt (Youtube, 2:01)

My favourite part is the "Cool tricks" segment. Every episode they have someone come on and demonstrate their cool trick. One girl does gymnastics. One man plays the theramin. One boy stacks cups. You get the idea? All sorts of random stuff and people.

The boys have really taken it to heart. They talk about what their cool tricks might be. Atti said his is stacking blocks. Dante's not sure about his at the moment. Elora's is falling off things. Hmm... I'm not sure about that last one!

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