Thursday, July 03, 2008

Squeek, squeek

It appears that we have rodents lurking in our pantry. I discovered a muesli bar with a hole eaten in one end, then some easter eggs and little black pellets. Plus the headless corpse our cat left on the lounge room floor the other day. Bit of a giveaway.

We'll have to do a major clean out this weekend. I'm not looking forward to it. Worse, though, is the thought of catching those cute little creatures. Poisoning is dangerous with small children and cats around. Mouse traps are cruel and icky. What else is there to do? Stop feeding the cat and hope she catches more? I'm not even sure that she caught that one the other day - we suspected the kittens caught it (next door - not really kittens anymore) and our cat just nabbed the remains. I don't really care which cat gets it in the end, as long as they don't leave them as "presents" around the house.

Don't tell my sister-in-law (I'm looking at you, Mark) - she won't set foot inside the house again!


Mark said...

Hi Jen, remember when chloe used to bring in lizards... and the white mouse... aaacccckkk

shoshe said...

There are some traps that look like square plastic tubes with a kink in them. The mouse goes in, the tube tips a bit, and a lid closes over the end. Then you can take the mouse on a road trip and drop it far away.

We saw them in Sydney, but I don't remember where. And I don't know if they actually work...