Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Conversation between two boys

Boy 1 (age 7): What's your name?
Boy 2 (age 3½): Atticus.
Boy 1: What's my name?
Boy 2: Dante.
Boy 1: Okay, now you ask me what my name is.
Boy 2. Dante.
Boy 1: No, say "What's your name?"
Boy 2: Atticus.
Boy 1 (getting frustrated): No. Ask me what's my name!
Boy 2: Dante.
Boy 1 pauses. He's getting very annoyed.
Boy 1: Say after me, "What is"
Boy 2: What is
Boy 1: "your name?"
Boy 2: Atticus!

<Background noise> Parents laughing heartily, trying not to be heard or seen.</background noise>

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