Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The poor bub

Elora's sick, the poor thing. She has an outer ear infection which means that she has to have ointment put in her ear and nostrils (to prevent the spread of more germs) but yesterday she came down with conjunctivitis (or something similar - 100% certain that it's related to the other infection) and now has ointment for her eyes as well. What a regimen we have for her each morning and night with creams and cotton buds and what-have-you. She screams and screams during it all :(

But anyway, I'm home after half a day at work (couldn't leave them completely in the lurch for two days - tomorrow's my regular day off) and finally got her to sleep. It's so rare that I have time to myself at home with no kids under my feet that I'm giddy with nervous excitement. What to do with this time?? Must do something that I can't normally do or am usually too tired to do! Not housework! Pah! Too boring! There are so many crafty projects I want to start, but really I should complete the many that I have unfinished, lying around gathering dust. Oh, the dilemma!

But I think some major cleaning up of the study/sewing room is in order first. Piles and piles of ironing and clothes awaiting repair, and the aforementioned unfinished items. I have a basket of pre-washed fabric waiting to be ironed and folded and stacked nicely on the shelf. My mother-in-law asked me why I'm bothering to iron them if I'll probably iron them again before I use them. Good question. Perhaps just folding to do, then.

Time to stop writing about it and get started! Wish me luck!


Edited to add:
She woke up after only one hour. I managed to clean one shelf, iron some fabrics (I know I wasn't going to iron them but they were really crushed and I like ironing, especially on a cold day), fold and stack them, and started a new knitting project (a baby shrug for Elora). But no sewing, which is what I would really like to get stuck into!

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