Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cleaning up

My husband did the most wonderful thing yesterday. When it came time to take Dante to his piano lesson, he took the other two kids along as well to play in the park while they waited. And then afterwards took them all out for lunch. I had almost two hours free to myself! I napped, showered and then got stuck into the sewing room/study.

We had, on several occasions, done some big clean ups in there but lately it has become a big pile of ironing and mending waiting to be done. And piles of fabrics that I'd bought and washed but not ironed and put away. So I requisitioned some shelves that weren't holding anything important (whose previous contents are now in a box under my desk) and got to it. I even got to continue during the afternoon while Atti and Elora slept.

Here's the result.

Work in progress, obviously. Ignore the tangle of bias binding on the left - it'll get rolled up nicely once I've finished pressing it. I've still got about the same amount again of fabrics waiting to be shelved, but I already feel liberated by what I've done so far. I can see what I've got now. Huzzah!

One day I'll have something more creative to show. One day soon, hopefully!

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