Saturday, July 26, 2008

The winner is me - Part Two

Lady Luck seems to be shining on me. I won wool the other day, and yesterday I won a lucky door prize at our local Apple shop re-launch party!

It was a good morning. Went to the Lost Property sale at Uni and picked up a cheap pair of sunnies and a bunch of cheap calculators. Then popped over to the computer shop and had lots of delicious snacky cakes and my favourite Lady Grey tea. After a while Dr Karl (a regular, favourite customer) called us to attention and started pulling tickets out of a box. First up, three lucky winners of iPod shuffles, two of them one number away from mine! Then, incredibly, my number was called. For the grand prize!

I won an iPod Touch (8Gb)! Can you believe it? Not one week after I got my hands on my very own 16Gb version. The most delightful hostess, Sandra, was beside herself with joy, so glad that a friend had won.

But no-one was happier than me! Off to buy a lottery ticket now.

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Jaime said...


I want iPod touch :(

Congrats Jen, how bout you send some of that luck our way :)