Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mess machine!

Atticus is a maestro when it comes to creating mess. He is a force of entropy second to none. We should have called him Atticus "Chaos Creator" Burn. He is able to dismantle any pile of paper and scatter them to a 5m radius in a matter of seconds. He can empty a basket of toys with just a glance. He hasn't discovered the walls yet but will gleefully attack anything else with textas, including pants, table legs, chairs, the floor and, worst of all, HIS BROTHER'S DRAWINGS. We need to wear rubber raincoats at meal times, and hose him off afterwards. Never mind the clothes - they'll never be wearable again. The bathroom is like the inside of a car wash with all the splashing that he does. The cats tremble with fear at just the merest hint of his voice, and run like crazy if they see him coming. Nothing is safe. Not the plants, not the fridge, certainly not the shoe rack...

Okay, so perhaps I'm exaggerating a tiny bit, but the boy is just so talented! I definitely do not remember his brother being quite so destructive at this age, but then again we lived in a much smaller place where he was much more easily controlled. We didn't have a craft table then, with paper and pens and pencils and textas and glue and scissors all waiting to be utilised by a toddler with a plan (to make his mark on the world, obviously). I can't help but be proud... I must confess that he got at least half of his skill from his mother. Heheh.

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aussie_hiker said...

Well, you got me laughing, that's for sure. Don't you just love them when ther'e cute and messy.