Sunday, June 04, 2006

Not enough blankets!

I was recently horrified when I realised that I have become a blanket hog. I woke up and discovered that the blanket was hanging down over my side of the bed, almost touching the floor (not hard since we have a futon) and Dan was curled up in foetal position in the middle of the bed with the blanket barely covering his side.

I don't know when it started - I certainly didn't used to be like this. In fact, it used to be the other way around... the blanket used to hang down over HIS side of the bed. Every night I'd have to make the bed (it doesn't get made in the morning - long story) to make sure that I'd get enough sheet+blanket before I crawled in.

Now I make the bed to make sure that Dan gets enough sheet+blanket. In fact, I routinely put most of the blanket on his side and just have enough to come to the edge of the mattress (that's how I like it) and every morning it's all on my side again!

It's frustrating! It's rude! It's annoying! And I don't know why I'm doing it! What is happening to me during the night??


wulf said...

Heh. Shan and I discovered very early on that one blanket shared is never enough. I am an incredible blanket hog as is she so we both have seperate blankets. I couldn't go without my own to cacoon myself in. Occasionally when its really cold we have a third blanket which we throw over the top of our single blankets.

Turning Japanese said...

I can only hope that I wake up one day and my life is just like that. I have two god children that I feel totally lucky about... I am not religious but it makes me realise that we will be connected for the rest of our lives. Kind of a nice feeling!