Monday, June 12, 2006

Yay! Long weekend

We have had by far the laziest weekend for a long time. Soccer wasn't on. Tennis wasn't on. The sun wasn't on (well, if it was, we couldn't see it. Or feel it. Brrrr...). We did venture out on Saturday to go to Ikea (it was crazily busy), and then spent the rest of the time lounging around at home.

Actually, I lie. I was busy editing the video camera footage from two of my brothers of our trip to Hainan in April. My uncle came over today to collect the DVD of the complete movie to take to my other uncle in Singapore (he's flying out on Wednesday morning). Heh - all week I spent every waking moment when the kids were asleep trying to edit that thing. It took much longer than I expected, but then I did take my time, adding titles and headings and what have you. Then my poor little computer started playing up and I realised that it's only recognising half its RAM all of a sudden. Very frustrating, and slowed things up incredibly. In the end I didn't get it done in time to give to my uncle, but I'll catch up with him tomorrow. I just finished it this evening.

But, anyway, I'm actually really pleased with the end result, even if I do say so myself. I tested it on the tele just now and am amazed at how clear it all looks and is pretty easy to watch (unlike a lot of home movies). It goes for just over an hour, cut down from over two hours of raw footage. My favourite part is the end credits. I wanted to put in something to thank all the spouses for staying put in Sydney and looking after the kiddies - Dan's suggestion was great: "Offspring wranglers". Heheh...

Well, now I think it's time for me to change out of my pyjamas (which I've been wearing all day) into some fresh pyjamas, ready for bed. Sorry for not posting for a week - it has been too icy to do anything but snuggle up under the copious blankets and quilts on my bed and read (that is, when I haven't been creating that darn movie!).

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