Thursday, June 22, 2006


There is a set of twins in Dante's year at school. They are identical twins. And I mean identical. Even Dante can't tell the difference, except at lunchtime because they have different coloured lunch boxes.

Which brings me to the thing that I find most disturbing about them. They are always dressed exactly the same. Same hats, same shirts, jumpers, pants... even the same socks! (And hardly ever in uniform - that would be cheating, since all the kids wear the same shirts at least!) They have identical school bags (there's no "School" bag - it's a public school, remember!! (I say that because I went to a private high school where we had "regulation" everything - bags, jumpers... even "regulation bottle green ribbons" for our hair. ack. Never want to see "regulation bottle green" ever again)).

I would like to know why parents do that to their kids. Surely these little boys would like to have their own, separate personalities. How can they be individuals if their parents make them the same all the time? I remember that we had some twins in my years at school - sure, they'd dress alike sometimes, but the parents would at least have different colour schemes for them. One in red, the other in blue, or something. It makes more sense to me.

I always thought it'd be cool to have twins - get your child-raising done more quickly! But after talking to a mother of twins and having kids of my own, I'm really quite glad that I don't. It's hard enough looking after one baby at a time - it must be so much more difficult with two (or more!). And then there's having to buy two of everything... What a pain.

Anyway, that's my thought for today :)

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