Monday, June 26, 2006

My dressing gown

As I mentioned before, I was given the world's cosiest dressing gown for my birthday. However, I don't think I really extolled the virtues of it enough when I wrote about it. So let me now elaborate.

It's been sitting in the back of the car for the last week, as we needed to take it back to the shop to get a smaller size and a belt (which it should have but didn't come with). We finally took it back this weekend and I've been wearing it at every available opportunity since!

It is so warm! So soft! So cosy! The colour's not so crash hot (turquoise blue) but you don't get much choice with women's dressing gowns - at least it's not pale pink or powder blue. But the cosiness-factor far outweighs anything else. I have tried to describe it to some friends - it's velour on the outside, and soft teddy bear-type fur on the inside. Then last night it came to me - it is made of the same stuff as those marvelous mink blankets that you can get. Do you know the ones? They are sublime. And now I have a mink dressing gown!!

The only downside, other than the colour, is that it's fairly electrostatic-y. I keep getting shocks whenever I take it on and off (which, I guess, is a great argument for never taking it off again!!). The cool thing about that I found out last night - when I was taking it off in the middle of the night (after Atticus woke up at 2am) I got a neat display of sparks lighting up around the gown!

Okay, well I think that's enough about my dressing gown for one day. Am I really that pushed for things to write about?? (Maybe, but it is a good gown).

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