Saturday, April 08, 2006

A better result

The second match of the football season was this morning. Thankfully at our home ground around the corner! The kids did much better this time around. Apparently the final score was 5-nil! Hooray!

Unfortunately I didn't get to watch the second half of the match. Atticus was really tired and a little unwell, and proved the point by vomiting all over me. Eeyuk. Grose. He's been really tired all day and is currently having his second nap for the day... poor kid. He's not been able to keep much food down either. I hope he gets better before I leave on Wednesday night!


Tancred said...

Did Dante score? What position is he trying to play?

I saw some footage last week of Ronaldinho playing futsal when he was about 10. Wow! The skills he had (and still does). Australia needs to offer more Futsal to kids around Dante's age.

Jen said...

Hmmm. How do I answer the question "Did Dante score?"...? With a big fat NO! He currently spends most of the game on the sidelines, and when he is playing he runs about one or two metres behind "the pack". I don't think he kicked the ball once, except for during the warm up before the game. He likes eating the oranges and drinking from his water bottle, though. The coach tells me that he'll gain more confidence after some more matches.

What is "futsal"?

Tancred said...

Futsal - fĂștbol sala - Hall Football.

It's played on a small court, with a smaller ball. It's a fast game that encourages the stunning ball skills most South American players have. Not only is it a fun game, it's great for developing skills, and it has a world cup every 2nd year.

I hope Dante gets to kick the ball this weekend! Does the team have away games or are they all played in the same place?

Daniel said...

And Atticus didn't get better - he's off school today (tuesday) with tummy troubles.