Sunday, April 02, 2006

Lightsabres rock!

Our dear friend Petto is moving overseas and had a farewell barbie at his folks' place yesterday afternoon. Barrels of beer and mountains of meat were promised, so we had to go!

While we were packing the numerous bits and pieces that the kids need into the car, I decided to let Dante pack the six remaining lightsabres from his birthday party. I have to say, it was the most inspired thing I have done all week. As soon as we got there, he was out of the car and grabbing his two favourites (blue and green) and allowing Atticus the use of the red one (because he has to be the baddie). Our friends are, how do I say, quite enthusiastic about Star Wars and other such things. They immediately got into the swing (literally!) of the game and much fun was had by all. Dante was in his element.

I have to say, those lightsabres were the most brilliant idea, especially considering how cheap and easy they were. They are sturdy (stand up to 20-something year olds' fights), tasty (apparently... Atticus thinks so), and can stand upright on their own (which Atti also takes great delight in). And so simple! Everyone loves them! I can't stop blabbering about how good they are! Because they rock! And they keep the kids occupied for ages!

The other thing I wanted to say about the party was that the only other child present, apart from my two, was an older girl (maybe 11?) called Rebecca whom Dante instantly fell in love with. He was by her side the entire evening (whether she wanted him or not) and didn't stop talking about her the entire trip home.
"When can we go to Rebecca's house?"
"I'm Rebecca's friend, so now she's got a boyfriend."
"Can we visit Rebecca? She's my friend."
He liked her so much that he happily let her use whichever lightsabre she chose, but not to the extent of letting her keep any, I should add.

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