Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Starting to read

The first term of school is almost over and I'm completely amazed at the speed at which Dante has picked up reading. I remember being in Year One and being one of the few kids that could read well. Now, it's first term of Kindergarten and the kids are starting to read simple sentences and books.

This afternoon I picked up a couple of books that I'd ordered through childcare. One was a simple board book about Rob the Robot on the Red Planet. I'd bought it for Atticus (it was only $3) and a more interesting book (at three times the price) for Dante. Well, Dante immediately grabbed the little book and started reading it out loud. He had trouble with a chunk of the words (but who wouldn't if they were just learning English - so inconsistent!), but managed to read most of them by sounding them out. I'm so proud of him! I never expected him to have come this far so early in the game.

When he was finished with the book he happily passed it on to Atticus for the duration of the trip home. Atticus just chewed up one corner.

Oh well, luckily there are a few more years for Atti to learn about reading and writing! (and proper care of books)

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