Friday, April 28, 2006

Home and stuff

Well, I've been home for several days now, and slowly starting to recover from the trip and travelling.

The plane landed in Sydney at 6am on Saturday morning, and I took my time going through duty-free and customs so that Dan could organise the boys and come inside to pick me up. Oh, it was so lovely to see them all again! I had tears in my eyes! Dante came and gave me a huge hug and said in a wobbly voice "I missed you, Mama!". Atticus had the most astonished look on his face when he saw me, as if to say "What are you doing here?". Then the biggest grin appeared and he reached out for me and gave me a delightful hug and snuggle. Sigh. I missed them so much. Dan was very happy to see me, too, although he was too exhausted to show as much enthusiasm as the boys.

We came home and I had a nap, then waking up and realising that we had one hour to get ready for Jaime and Shannon's wedding! Argh! I frantically showered and prepared myself while Dan dressed the boys. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was really nice, informal and relaxed. It was a wonderful wedding. The only downside was that in the rush to get out the door, I forgot my camera! I couldn't believe it! I'd carried it EVERYWHERE with me for the previous eleven days and forgot it on such an important occasion.

Anyway, we had to leave the reception fairly early - around 8pm - and I completely crashed out while we were driving home (i.e. I fell asleep - no car accidents were had). Struggled to put the kids to bed, changed into my PJs and went to bed.

Since then we've had some more relaxing days. My parents and brothers came home the next morning and the kids were so happy to see them, too! I was meant to return to work on Wednesday but was still feeling really under-the-weather so I stayed at home and napped (and did loads and loads of washing). Back at work yesterday, though... and it hasn't been too bad. I think it's been easier because it is still school holidays so there's not such a mad rush in the morning to get out of the house and to school on time. Dante goes back to school on Tuesday so that will be a challenge for me... still used to sleeping in from my trip (plus the difference in time zones has made things difficult).

Well, will write again soon... I've got pages and pages of notes from the trip which I need to write up and post! I've also uploaded some more pictures of the trip to my Flickr account if you care to peruse them!

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wulf said...

Aww that sounds so sweet.

Thanks for making it to the wedding Jen, we both really appreciate you made it considering how tired you must have been.

We'll do a photo show sometime, maybe on a friday.