Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Free internet and booze!

Aha... hahahaha... ha... This is me after having a free drink and free food (but not hot food, unfortunately) and using the free internet (with free printing) in the Qantas Club lounge! My wonderful brother Mark managed to get us all into here while we wait to board the plane (in twenty minutes' time). We feel a little out of place, but who cares? We are making the most of the facilities :) Well, I am, at least. Thank goodness I'm so much better than I was last night.

Today was quite a trial, trying to get packed and do all the housework before I left. Poor Atticus had to come home early from childcare, and then Dan came down with the dreaded ills that are going around (which my mother succumbed to this morning, incidentally). Dante was feeling a bit out of sorts by my leaving (and after an hour of soccer training, where he sat around and/or ran away from the ball as much as possible), but he drew me the cutest picture and cut a heart shape around it. We tried calling around to see if anyone could give Dan a hand with the kids, but everyone was busy... on a Wednesday night!! Oh well, he managed in the end - I got an SMS that all was well (Atti was howling when I left) so I'm a lot happier now.

Oh yikes! There's the boarding call! Got to go.

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wulf said...

Have a great flight Jen and I hope Atticus is feeling better.