Sunday, March 26, 2006

Party success!

We hosted Dante's 5th birthday party yesterday - a Star Wars party. And it was a great success! I am so happy. The most stress-free party we've ever had, I'd have to say. Many thanks to Grandma and Paw-Paw for all their most incredible work, helping with the food. We seem to be getting better every year - we should be all set in time for his twenty first!!

We had about 10 kids come along. Two Darth Vaders, at least three Princess Leias, one storm trooper and a wookie. And Dante came as Luke Skywalker (he had a Jedi cloak, but decided not to wear it since Luke didn't have one). Dan made kid-friendly lightsabres out of foam swimming pool "noodles", but into thirds with duct tape around one end as the handle. They were a huge hit! (Literally!!) There was enough for one each, in blue, green, red and purple. We had a pass-the-parcel made up for the party, but we never got to play it because the kids were too busy fighting with their lightsabres.

We had a couple of other activities. First we had some colouring-in (Star Wars pictures that I got from this wonderful site), then Dan held Jedi Lightsabre Training outside in the backyard (he blew bubbles while the children tried to bust them with their swords). We had a table set up in the middle of the room and gave them a proper sit down lunch (party pies, sandwiches, chips, cocktail frankfurts etc.), and then the most wonderful cake made by my Ma - a Millenium Falcon cake (Lego figures supplied by Dan). They loved it!

It was the best party I've ever hosted, I'd have to say. We had a set time, so people left after two and a half hours. The kids all had a great time. We didn't have any lollies out (hooray!) but I did put some in the party bags. There weren't too many people, so it was really very manageable. I'm so pleased. And the house is pretty clean now, too. Dan said (before the party) that we should pretend that we're having a party the first Saturday of every month because we do a really good job of cleaning the house! heheh...

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