Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gannets! Two of them!

My boys were a little hungry this afternoon when we got home from school/childcare. Between the two of them they ate one banana, half a dozen slices of cheese, numerous biccies, a heap of grapes, a cheese sandwich, two glasses of milk... and I can't remember what else. And that was BEFORE dinner. They both hung around (clinging to my legs in one case) while I tried to prepare food for a proper meal (Dante was opening jars and peering into containers and asking if he could eat everything and Atti was trying to get the dry pasta out of my hands while I was trying to put them in the pot - don't worry, I didn't let him anywhere near the boiling water!), and both ate all their dinner as well. I don't know what got into them this afternoon. My father was very amused (as anyone who knows him knows, he loves to feed people).

Tomorrow afternoon should be interesting - Dante starts soccer training at our local park! (which is just on the next block.) I'm so excited about it. I hope he likes it. I never played when I was a kid, and still have no idea about the off-side rule no matter how often people try to explain it (and I had no idea even when it was explained in Bend It Like Beckham: "The offside rule is when the French mustard has to be between the teriyaki sauce and the sea salt.") Oh well, perhaps now I'll finally learn.


Tancred said...

Glad to hear Dante is starting football :) At his age I'm not sure they use offside. He should be playing on a much smaller pitch, and only 5-6 a side.

The BBC has a rather decent page about the offside law (Football has Laws, not rules). Wikipedia also has a go at explaining it, but often the best way to explain it it in a pub, with bottles of sauce and glases of beer ;)

Other advice I could offer, at his age Dante should be given the chance to play in all positions (Including goalkeeper). This will help him become a better footballer (He will understand all the postitions) - and he should have more fun trying everything out.

wulf said...

I concur with Tancred, Football is great and i wished i'd started as early as Dante, I only started playing at age 11.

I don't think its just your two kids jen, everyone seems to eating more these days. Probably all the exercise. Or maybe your kids have fast metabolisms. Lucky skunks.