Monday, March 27, 2006

Well protected shins

Dante needed shin guards for soccer so we went to the Sports shop yesterday afternoon. When we finally found them they were only $5! Cheap as chips! We opened the packet and put them on him to check the size. He was so happy.

"Kick me! See, it doesn't hurt!"

And then refused to take them off. So we let him wear them. He wore them all afternoon while we went to the shops, and then all evening until finally he had to take them off to get in the bath.

At least we know that he likes them. I hope he wears them to soccer on Wednesday!


Tancred said...

I was somewhat surprised Dante was allowed to play football without them in the photo below.
Next stop, football boots :)

wulf said...

Hehe, thats so adorable. I'm glad he understands protection, i once had my shins raked the one day i forgot to bring them to practice.

Jen said...

Oh, I forgot to mention. The club secretary gave us a pair of boots, hand-me-downs from his own kids. They're a little big, but D is so happy with them! He wanted to wear them to school the next day, but we explained that the concrete would ruin them. He was a little disappointed.