Sunday, March 19, 2006

A night out

Hooray! We went out last night. Without the kids. I can't remember the last time we did this together. Had to be at least a year (definitely not since Atticus was born). Our friends Jaime and Shannon had a combined Bucks/Hens night at the Lowenbrau Keller in The Rocks. It was an entertaining evening - 1L mugs of beer and schnapps aplenty. Plus a rocking Oompa band. We had a fun time! I even dressed up, which happens very rarely. I thought I'd better make an effort since it'd been so long.

Prior to the night out the guys had an afternoon at an ice rink playing Ice Hockey (Shan grew up in Canada). I wish we could have gone, too, but I think it was enough that we were going out that night. It sounded like a great time for all, except perhaps for poor Bez, who fractured his ankle and had to go off to hospital to get it put into a cast. He still came out to dinner afterwards, though. What an effort! He got the loudest cheers of the night when he arrived.

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