Thursday, March 23, 2006

I am now officially a Soccer Mum

Yesterday was Dante's first soccer (football) training. Hooray!

It was so much fun. Dante was very excited about it all - he had to choose his "soccer shorts" (we'll get proper ones when they have their first game), and then we ran around the corner to the park. There they all were, 10 boys (and one girl) and their two coaches. They looked so little! We introduced Dante to the coaches and off they went, kicking the ball running around.

They started with some basic training - kicking the ball around witches hats (Dante wasn't too bad - not very good, but not too bad!) and running around. Dan and I hung around with Atticus, and Auntie Bec popped over, too (she needed to do some Uni work on Atticus). Atticus loved being out in the park, wandering all over the place and watching his big brother. He was too cute!

Then they had a trial game, with witches hats as the goals. Dante volunteered to be a goalie first, but really had no idea what he was meant to do. He just spent the time kicking over the witches hats. They swapped positions and he became part of the "pack". He was pretty good, getting a couple of kicks in every so often. The other kids seemed to be much more knowledgeable about the sport. We really have no idea! He got kicked a couple of times and lost some enthusiasm for a while - sat down away from the group. But then decided that he enjoyed kicking over the witches hats and thenceforth spent the rest of the time running around the field kicking them over (while the coaches repeatedly put them back). Dan, Bec and I were killing ourselves with laughter, trying hard not to let Dante see (so as not to encourage him). It was the funniest time I've had in a while.

Anyway, he's now officially registered and here begins the "Mum's Taxi" time of my life (or so I'm told!).

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wulf said...

Ah fond times getting ferried around to different playing fields. But thats not all, you get to wash uniforms and buy oranges. Lots to look forward to :)