Saturday, March 18, 2006

My Five-Year Old Boy

age: five
height: 112cm (approx.)
weight: 19kg

Today my little-big boy turns five. Already. I cannot believe it! We're having a big party for him next weekend (Star Wars theme, of course) because we weren't organised enough to do it this weekend (and Dan and I are going to a bucks/hens night tonight (first night out without the kids since Atticus was born!)). This picture is of him standing next to The Measuring Wall. He's grown about 6 inches in the last two years!

Five years ago today I was in great pain,
trying to deliver this bouncing baby boy.
Our lives changed forever that day
and never will be the same.


Pusher said...

That one is a lady kill. You can see and lot of live in him.

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Dante!!!

I can't believe how big he is now. They grow so fast!!!