Thursday, January 25, 2007

Interesting viewing

Yay! Atticus is getting better. He actually slept through the night yesterday after a horrid, horrid night previously. And then had a four hour nap today. What a relief. Hopefully we are over the worst of it.

This evening to celebrate we sat down and watched some TV. Firstly was Episode 12 of Heroes which was just aired in America (starts here in Australia next week, I believe). Entirely too addictive. Then two episodes of Little Mosque on the Prairie - a sitcom based in small town Canada about a group of Muslims setting up a new mosque. Very much the usual sitcom jokes, with an Islamic spin on them. Pretty funny, and nice to see something so culturally different, but not different... if that makes sense.

Then we started watching Clerks II, but quickly realised that it had been overdubbed in Spanish! Funny at first but annoying after a while and we quickly stopped.

Oh well... a relaxing evening after a very stressful week. Now it's the weekend (yay! Australia Day public holiday tomorrow!) and we will continue the clean-up and preparation for baby no. 3. I've decided to pack my hospital bag tomorrow. Dante's new room is coming along really well - we actually moved him into it last Saturday night. He loves it. I'm concerned about him falling out of his loft bed but he's managed quite well so far.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Atticus is feeling a bit better. Once he can start sleeping properly I'm sure he'll start to recover quickly. We're thinking positive thoughts for the little guy.