Monday, January 01, 2007

A week away; Happy New Year!

We've just come home from a week away down on the South Coast. We hired a house in Kiama, about two hours (actually less) from Sydney.

Two of our friends turned 30 on the 27th and 29th of December and had organised to rent a house between Christmas and New Year. They invited the whole "gang" but we didn't think it would be a good idea to take the kids to a household full of partying adults. So Dan looked into it and organised our own house. We asked Grandma and Auntie Bec and Paul to come with us, and they were quite happy to join us. Dan and his family used to go on beach holidays all the time when they were kids so it was a great hark back to those days!

Our house was as near to the other house as we could find, and just up the steep, steep hill from a really nice, sheltered, kid-friendly beach. It had three bedrooms, was quaint, had seventies decor and could really be described as "Grandma's house".

It was a great holiday. We went to the beach a few times, stayed at our house a fair bit, went into "town", hung out with our friends... and of course went to see the Kiama Blowhole. My friend Fukuyo came down with us for one night and had a wonderful time, too. She got along really well with the boys and got dumped at the beach at least once! My folks came down for an afternoon trip to pick her up and take her back to Sydney.

Atticus absolutely adored the beach. Dante did, too, but was not such a fan of the waves. Atti, on the other hand, would not stay away from the water! It was fairly chilly in, and he was usually shivering after a short amount of time, but he absolutely loved it! Dante built some pretty cool sandcastles. I took a bunch of photos which you can check out on flickr.

I spent way too much time playing Guitar Hero on Bec's playstation. Way too much time. But it was great! Wish I had one of my own! Except that I wouldn't have time to play it, or do anything else if I did!!

Now that we're home, I seem to have caught the "nesting" bug. I've been madly tidying and cleaning up, and panicking about getting the kids' rooms organised for the new baby. (Did I mention that? We're moving Dante into the spare upstairs room and moving Atti into Dante's old room so that the baby can have Atti's old room.)

Can you believe that it is 2007 now??

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