Sunday, January 07, 2007

Second quilt - finally finished.

It's done. Of course I left it to the last minute - the baby shower was this morning at 10am. I stayed up until 2am on Friday night, quilting the thing, and until 3am on Saturday hand-sewing on the binding... watching old Countdown episodes on Rage.

I'm so happy and proud of it, though I wish I'd finished it earlier. I got a bit tired towards the end and the binding has quite a few glitches, especially on the corners. I showed it to my niece, Abigail, who was here with her parents yesterday and she immediately draped it around her shoulders and wouldn't let go of it. I'll have to make her one now!

Anyway, I gave it to George this morning, and she loved it! The other people couldn't believe that I'd made it myself. Yay! At least all that work was not for nothing!

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mark said...

cool quilt Jen. You must be so patient. Any needlesticks at 2am?