Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More than the miseries

Atticus is sick yet again. I just can't believe how often he has fallen ill, not with just any old thing, either. It has to be something a little more stressful and abnormal, doesn't it?

This time he has shingles (note: the rash on his back, underarm and front are far worse looking than the pictures on that Wikipedia page... I'd post a picture (yes, I took a couple) but it's too gross. Let's just say that his blisters are about an inch across by a centimetre wide and raised at least two or three millimetres. And glaring red). I've been doing lots of web research and I think he's got it as a complication from when I had chicken pox when I was 4 months pregnant with him. He has his usual Varicella Zoster vaccination at age 18 months and has never actually had chicken pox.

Tonight is the worst so far - he is in excruciating pain, having trouble sleeping, and absolutely howling. We've doped him up with everything we can but it doesn't seem to be helping. *sob* I just can't bear hearing him like this. It's one of the worst things about being a mother... seeing your child in pain and not being able to do anything about it.

I hope he gets better sooner than later.

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