Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Our little artist

Dante has spent five days at vacation care run by a local Creative Arts Centre these holidays. Another parent from school told us about it since our school didn't provide vacation care over the summer break. I was a bit worried about whether he would enjoy himself or not as he's not really been into art that much, but I was so wrong.

Last week he was there from Monday to Thursday. Each day of the program they have an activity planned - something specific for the kids to make. Monday was "Great Barrier Reef" - a hanging mobile of fish. Tuesday was terrific! "Farmyard Diorama" made out of clay. We weren't able to take that one home as they will fire them in the kiln first. When I saw all the children's models on the table I was completely taken aback. Each was different but in a similar style. I can't wait to pick up D's one - I'll post a picture when we get it. Wednesday was "Chinese Crackers" - ready for Chinese New Year. Thursday they made a height chart. I could tell that Dante was getting a bit tired of it by then... I think four days in a row was a bit much... but still not a bad job. We put it up in his new room.

And today was "Boogie Woogie Mondrian":

At first Dante was reluctant to go to vacation care but he was very happy by the time we got there. We were keen for him to attend today as Piet Mondrian was one of his Grandpa's favourite artists. The first picture is Dante's one. The second is Mondrian's "Broadway Boogie Woogie". He was so excited and eager to show me his artwork when I went to pick him up. A good job!

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